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x.strawberrypsycho.x said:

It's very interessing, there's a sense of realism into it ! 🌺❤ I'm New to this Platform, it will mean alot for me if you could go and tcheck my page ( vote, follow.. ) thank you so much for your support 😍🌛💫🙏🏻

Adwitiya megh said:

amazing work !! I love it! Please check my profile too...I'm new at artform platform .Thanks.

Giota Pitsaki 🖤 said:

Who ah! Beautiful work! Do you use a Mac book? 💕

Maryam Adam said:

Checkout my artwork too!

aishajamil said:


sabzkhurshid said:

Amazing! Never knew about this hidden artistic side of yours.

aishajamil said:


andleeb.kanz said:

waoo..amazing 😍

aishajamil said:


Syed Ali said:

Looks great

aishajamil said:


taqdeesrasool123 said:

jfc.Youre brilliant-

aishajamil said:

Haha tysm ❤

Jehanzaib Abbasi said:

Cognitive piece...

aishajamil said:


Rabab Qaisar said:

.....Amazing... ....i must say you are an ARTIST... 👍 ....keep it up darling❤️💕❤️....

aishajamil said:

Thankyouu soo soo much ❤

Emily Charlton said:

i really love the way you sketch up! em inspired of your drawing (MA) :) im in love your art !!!!!

aishajamil said:

How nice...thankyou so much 😃😃❤

Sana Fatima said:

This is so perfect. altho i have seen this before, i have to say this now, i love it <3

aishajamil said:

thankyou so mcuh.. ur the best <3

Zara Ahmed said:

Talented queen 🗣

aishajamil said:


waniya saqib said:

I'm amazed. You're so talented. 👌

aishajamil said:

tysm :')

Laiba Sohail said:

So detailed.beautifully drawn

aishajamil said:

ty very very much! <3

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