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Vandana Nehra said:

Awesome sketch I m new to here.... happy with little response...plz check out my sketches...hope you would like them😊

M Harikumar said:

Hey guys check out my account ... Iam new here and uploaded a portrait of Emilia Clarke ... Check it out ... And support me if u like that :)

bornilkalita007 said:

Just nailed it💕 Hey guys just check out my attempt to skectch the legend named Robert downey Jr😍...pls check it out and support men!

Rio Rachmadi said:

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abhisekkumar871 said:

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Divyesh Vajratkar said:

Hey guys please do check my work it is something new and quirky I am new here Thanks

Vaedika Patel said:

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Olivia Tosh said:

Hey guys please check out my artwork! It’s huge and took me 20+ hours you won’t be disappointed!!!

Sanchay singh said:

Hey guys checkout my post bet you will appreciate more than this one😳😳

Adwitiya megh said:

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saloneeagarwal16 said:

This looks very good! I am new to this platform and it would be very helpful if you could check out my artwork and share your reviews!

guptasuchita412 said:

Sir your sketch was osm Heyy guys I am new on artform platform sp plzz vote comment on my profile or sketch

bharathabcd1111 said:

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anja_navarro said:

Awesome potrait, I'm new to this platform, could you check out my art. Thanks

Shamsa Hannan said:

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alishaarose05 said:

Hello, I’m new on here. Could you check out my art, i’d Happily do the same back!😊

anja_navarro said:

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suvarnalaxmi25 said:

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Mešić Aldina said:

Hello, I'm new, too

Sibam Deb said:

Impressive art work , hlw iam new in artform pls vote my art work .

Amrutha Mudunuru said:

Incredible artwork!... A similar sketch has been made by me, please visit my profile to check out my ARIANA GRANDE drawing


Grt Work... I'm new on thz platform check out my work I hope u like it...& Feel something 🎨🎨 😘❤️👍

ARIF ALI said:

Amazing... I am new here...... Please check out my work

Gaurav Sivaraman said:

This looks very good! I am new to this platform and it would be very helpful if you could check out my sketch and share your reviews!

Drizolo said:

Hey guys even I am one of those "new here" guy. But seriously though, check out my artwork please!

Shyam Kabi said:

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Shyam Kabi said:

Check my portraits....

Lola Paja said:

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Ayesha Noor said:

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Jamaar Q said:

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Ayesha Noor said:

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Mateusz Baran said:

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duti3 said:

Voted! Can you check mine as well? 😊

Vedika Shroff said:

perfection.. B-)

julia.scalet said:

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julia.scalet said:

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kirtisindhi462 said:

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ramonaelena152 said:

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Ayesha Noor said:

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aishajamil said:

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Kristina said:

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Nitin BS said:

Check out my artwork.. I'm new to this

shalinees182 said:

Its So Realistic!! Check Out My ArtWork!!

Shikha Yadav said:

Please check my art tooo

Afshan Ahmed said: check out my work plz, follow me

Oni said:

This sketch too good 👌

Untrockso said:

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Kanchan Lawania said:


Martin Zurita said:

Please please make so me serios art and learn how to draw. To little effort.

Menna Anwer said:

wow !!😍 check out my work 😊

radia said:

perfect ..check out mine

Aradhya Adhikari said:

Nice one..check out mine

Michaela Wille said:

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Kasturi said:

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Neelima Balakrishnan said:

Great talent!! Amazing work!! Please do visit my art and give them some stars!!

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