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Vishrut Gupta said:

it was good,bt try to play with both the hands and using the piano tone in ur synth........,way to go

Vishnu Pradeepan said:

It was nice.. Try practising chords with left hand...

Vikram said:


gargi_gupta24 said:


dilipmatta35 said:

Amazing 👌

gargi_gupta24 said:

Thank you 😇😊

ashamatta22 said:


gargi_gupta24 said:

Thanks 😆😇😇

prahladsingh977 said:

Fabulous 👌👌 Wonderful pianist

gargi_gupta24 said:

Thank you 😆😇

Rohan Michael said:

The player played it well 😉😎

gargi_gupta24 said:

Thanks 😊

seema.gupta.75sg34 said:

Gazab,dil se

gargi_gupta24 said:

Thank you Bua 😆😆😘😘

Suyalnisha780 said:

wonderful 😍

gargi_gupta24 said:

Thanks 💘💘😘

sanjaykhandelwal74 said:

Wow you are amazing

gargi_gupta24 said:

Thank you so much Fufaji 😆😄😇

Yatin Patni said:


gargi_gupta24 said:

Thanks 😆😇✨

7chhayasharma said:

Superbbbbb Melodious

gargi_gupta24 said:

Thankew 😆😇

anjalipaliwal1709 said:

Lovely 😍😍 You're my favourite pianist

gargi_gupta24 said:

Thanks 💘🔥

Aakash Sharma said:

Absolutely perfect 👌👌 Super awesome

gargi_gupta24 said:

Tysm 😆😇

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