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Jennifer Lynn Pulver said:

We will keep voting for you Sam! You are so talented!!

Gabby Stamand said:

This video shows that you have worked hard on your talent. I'm proud of you!!!

mattcwarren said:

Amazing Sam - thanks for sharing your talent and working hard!

Isabelle Honor Stokes said:

You are so talented Sam! I really hope you win!!

Christian Warren said:

Killin it Sam!!!

Suzanne Vaught Myers said:

GET DOWN SAM!!!!!!!! WTG MY FRIEND!!!! You got this!!!!!!!!

Daley Willard said:

Good luck buddy :) You got this!

Willerdean Smith said:

Sam is great!

Melissa S. Wright said:

Yes, he is!!!! Praying he wins this competition!


I'm a musician/beatboxer who loves what he does


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