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Manuela Crespo
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I’m a 58 year old woman who loves to play with art. My mind is inhabited by lovely imaginary beings, who insist on jumping onto the paper. A long time ago, I went to Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, an Art School in Lisbon, Portugal, to set them free. Since then, I’ve been drawing every day, I paint a lot, and I print, and print and print! I’ve made a specialization in illustration and printmaking not to mention the workshops on everything that relates to art on paper. I love to work on paper. I also see a lot of patients because I am neurologist, and that´s what we neurologists do! So the patients kindly give me plenty of ideas that I keep on the back of my mind all day long and only let them get out at night, when my right hand starts to have an independent life, commanded by a mysterious part of myself. Since 1999 I’ve been writing and illustrating four children’s books, making a lot of exhibitions, illustration and creative writing workshops with children. At the moment most of the artistic work that I am developing is about drawing and printmaking done at Contraprova and in my own studio in Aldeia do Meco.


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