How Do I Upload

Easy! Just quickly register & create an Artist Profile on and post your media to the relevant category (Detailed Instructions Below)

How to upload step 1

1. Register Using your email or Social Media

  1. Register as an artist – only artists can upload media.
  2. Use Social media to login
  3. or use an email password combination

Register as an Artists

How to upload step 2

2. Edit Your Profile and Click Upload

  1. Fill out a brief profile
  2. 3. Click the upload button to go to the upload area

How to upload step 3

3. Click Upload media to open upload box

  1. Name your media
  2. Enter  the Category:  Sub Category: and if relevant Sub Sub Category:
  3. Optional Select a cover image
  4. upload either using a YouTube URL
  5. or upload your own media
  6. Start Upload

How to upload step 4

4. Share Your media on Facebook & to your Google Contacts

Now time to get those votes – remember the most votes wins. So get everybody you know to vote.

When you upload is completed you will get the options 1. to share on Facebook. 2. Share to your google contacts