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for Every Artform.


Who it's for?

This is a website for artist of all kinds, to showcase their talent. Upload your work, accumulate votes, get feedback, increase your following, and climb the charts. Musicians, Dancers, Photographers, Writers, Artists, Freestylers, Designers, Magicians and many more, this is an online competition for talent, A place to get noticed and become recognised!

How does it work?

Once you register for free, and upload your work, you will be given your own page, with a chart. The best of your work climbs your own chart based on the number of votes your work gets from the five star voting system. If an artist gets enough votes they can compete in their category with artists like them. If further votes are accumulated, you will compete with artists of different disciplines. Now we have a place where a painter can compete with a musician or a comedian compete with a dancer and so on, with the aim to be number one on Artform Platform overall chart.


To enter any competition, simply upload your work to relevant category and you will enter by default. If your work receives the required number of votes to win, you will be notified. Its that easy

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